The Reunion with the Late Grandfather

yemlash - 20 Kas , 2023

I saw my late old grandfather coming from the church. I ran towards him to greet him. He was excited to see me. He this asked of my whereabouts for couples of days. I told him, I went to see my mother for nine months white cloth. He responded saying he did his own at the age of 10 and that the cloth was with her mother. Sir, this is the dream of my head. Thanks.

Dream Meanings:


The dream of seeing your late old grandfather coming from the church symbolizes your deep longing for connection and guidance from your ancestors or older figures in your life. Running towards him to greet him signifies your eagerness to seek their wisdom and support. The excitement he expressed upon seeing you reflects the positive energy and encouragement that your ancestors are sending your way.

The mention of your whereabouts for the past few days indicates a need for validation and reassurance from your late grandfather about your life choices and decisions. Sharing that you went to see your mother for nine months white cloth signifies a significant personal journey or transformation you've recently undertaken. The symbolic representation of white cloth suggests purity, innocence, and a fresh start.

Your late grandfather's response, mentioning that he did his own at the age of 10 and that the cloth was with his mother, indicates a connection between your own choices and your family's heritage. It suggests that the support and guidance you seek from your ancestors are already within you, inherited through generations.

Overall, this dream signifies your strong desire for ancestral connection and validation for your life choices. It encourages you to embrace your heritage and tap into the wisdom and support that your ancestors provide. Trust in yourself and the path you have chosen, knowing that you carry the strength and guidance of those who came before you.

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