Escaping a Dangerous Situation

- 18 Kas , 2023

I was in my own school and I was walking with my friend and we were in the main staircase which is towards the entrance (we weren't on the stairs but we were like walking past the beginning of the stairs). Meaning that whoever enters the building you can see it from upstairs if you are in front of the main staircase or walking past it. All of a sudden I look towards the entrance of the school and we both see a guy who shot twice towards us and then we start to freak out. We start to run to this crowd of students running and confused and I find the exist and its just filled with police and police cars trying to not let us out kind of blocking the way for me to leave the building and run across the street to get away from the school and the shooter. So then I was able to escape that and I saw a police and I'm crying telling them "Please I beg you get me out of here, drive far from here or take me to a police station where I can be safe!" I just kept crying and begging and they started to drive and they asked me "Do you want to go to a police station near the school that has lots of police nearby or you want to go to one far from the school with barely any police around?". While they were asking this we were still in the school and i could still hear gunshots so i quickly said "Just take me to the one near the school" even though that wasn't what i wanted. I wanted to be as far as possible from this situation. So then, we drove back to the school and they just told me to stay with them. They never took me to a police station. I heard a conversation that the police were having and it was about the shooter. They were saying how they knew who the shooter was and that he had already was a shooter at another high school or at least had a bit of history involving shooting. The police already knew how he acted and it seemed like they weren't going to take action until the shooter just ran out of energy and stopped shooting. Then i just remember entering the building and i just look around and nobody is there or very few people are there. The police werent outside anymore. The shooter wasn't there anymore as well as any dead bodies werent there anymore. All that's left is the school. It started to get darker outside. I was not in school anymore but i was at my old house from a year ago and all of the house was like a mess. Like as if that's where the shooting happened. So i then went to look for some clothes and i found my drawer opened and i grabbed clothes from there and i felt it wet, it had blood on it and i kept digging to grab more and more clothes from that same drawer and I felt it even wetter and its just blood. I went to my other drawer and the same thing. I assumed somebody was asking for help or they were shot and bleeding and grabbed my clothes from my drawer and used it to help not loose a lot of blood and to put pressure on the wound using my clothes. I had no words i was in complete shock from the blood i touched. I didn't want to ever feel it again i was terrified and i would check every closet in the house to make sure the killer wasn't there. Then i got on my phone and i saw that a person on Instagram requested my account and i viewed the person's profile and i saw the videos they had there and it seemed like the shooter. I kept looking more and more at the videos and it turns out it was the shooter. He texted me saying how he was obsessed and that he would find me and kill me and that i would not be able to get away. I tried blocking his account but i couldn't find the block button. I never knew that guy though.

Dream Meanings:

The dream begins in a familiar setting, your own school, where you are walking with a friend in the main staircase area. Suddenly, you both encounter a guy who starts shooting towards you, causing fear and panic. This signifies a sense of vulnerability or threat in your waking life.

Running towards a crowd of confused students represents seeking safety and protection in a chaotic situation. However, upon reaching the exit, you find it blocked by police, which reflects a feeling of being trapped or unable to escape a problem or conflict.

Crying and begging for help from the police symbolize your desire to find refuge and security. The choice presented by the police to go to a police station near the school or farther away reflects the options you perceive for seeking assistance. Although you would have preferred being far away, the urgency of the situation leads you to choose the closer option.

Returning to the school without reaching the police station indicates a sense of disappointment or the realization that immediate help may not be available. The absence of people, police, and the shooter suggests a temporary relief from danger, but the lingering dark atmosphere signifies an underlying sense of fear and unease.

Transitioning to your old house, which is in disarray, represents a personal space affected by the traumatic event. Discovering blood-soaked clothes in your drawer symbolizes the impact and aftermath of the violent incident. This may reflect feelings of helplessness, guilt, or a need to take care of others in distress.

Checking every closet in the house to make sure the killer isn't present represents your fears and anxieties about potential danger in your surroundings. It reflects an underlying fear of being pursued or threatened.

Seeing a request from the shooter on Instagram and viewing their profile reveals feelings of being watched or targeted in your waking life. The text message from the shooter intensifies these fears and the belief that you are being hunted. The inability to block the shooter's account suggests a sense of powerlessness or difficulty in asserting control over the situation.

Overall, this dream reflects your subconscious concerns about personal safety and the desire to escape a dangerous or threatening situation. It may indicate underlying anxieties, feelings of vulnerability, or a need for protection in your waking life.

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