Dream about Wild Pigeons on the Roof and Guilt for Killing One

- 19 Kas , 2023

So I saw a dream that there were wild pigeons and lots of them on my roof like 4-5 pigeons. Firstly dream started when I missed going to office and had to work from home that day. Later I went to roof and saw that I killed a pigeon by passing something sharp from his head, I felt guilty because of it. There were other pigeons as well, when I tried to shoo them away few flew away while one wild pigeon gave birth to white dove and started eating something which came out alongwith the baby dove. Meanwhile a bluish beautiful bird started eating the dead pigeon and then I rushed downstairs and mom asked where I was and dream ended

Dream Meanings:

Dream Interpretation:

This dream reveals important symbols and events that hold significant meanings. The wild pigeons on the roof represent freedom, peace, and tranquility. They symbolize the desire to escape from daily responsibilities and seek solace in nature. The fact that there were 4-5 pigeons suggests that you desire more freedom and liberation in your life.

Missing going to the office and having to work from home indicates a sense of routine and monotony. It may suggest that you are feeling trapped or confined in your current circumstances. This aspect of the dream signifies a longing for change and new experiences.

The act of killing a pigeon may represent feelings of guilt, remorse, or aggression towards yourself or others. It suggests that you may have recently made a decision or taken an action that you regret. This guilt could be weighing heavily on your conscience.

The appearance of other pigeons and the wild pigeon giving birth to a white dove symbolize new beginnings, purity, and hope. The birth of the white dove signifies the emergence of positivity and the potential for personal growth. It indicates that despite the guilt and remorse, there is still room for redemption and healing.

The bluish beautiful bird eating the dead pigeon represents the process of letting go and accepting the consequences of your actions. It signifies the need to release the negative emotions and move forward with a cleaner slate. This bird represents resilience, adaptability, and the ability to transform negative experiences into valuable lessons.

Rushing downstairs and being questioned by your mom suggests a need for guidance, support, or reassurance from a maternal figure in your life. It signifies a desire for emotional connection and stability. This aspect of the dream indicates the importance of seeking comfort and understanding in times of distress.

Overall, this dream reflects a mix of emotions, including guilt, remorse, desire for freedom, new beginnings, and the need for emotional support. It is a reminder to acknowledge and confront your emotions, seek resolution, and find solace in positive transformations.

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