Liberating a Town from Mind Control

j.oak357silversword - 23 Nov , 2023

this dream begins in a heavily wooded area. it was in winter with snow very thick on the ground. i was with a group numbering about 35. our objective was to liberate a town several miles ahead. this town was under the control of an illicit but highly technologically advanced organization who kept its residents in line with frequency beams designed for mind control, and all food was drugged with mind altering substances to make the people listless and submissive. the reason for our presence was they were holding a scientist prisoner who had the missing key to the puzzle which if completed would have put them in a position to blackmail the governments of the world. they would have had a huge advantage over anything any government could have sent against them. despite their best efforts, which included drugged food,enforced sleep deprivation, and bombardment by high intensity brainwave frequency beams he had withstood their worst with almost superhuman fortitude and withheld the information . as soon as the signal to proceed was given we moved through the woods with maximum caution. we communicated by means of a special device which operated on a different frequency from theirs and could be used for written messages or picture images. as we approached the town in utter silence our sensor beams detected no activity in the part of the town immediately in our front. it was quiet. too quiet. we entered the place employing stealth tactics. suddenly a siren went off. searchlight beams lit up the town square. someone yelled"there they are" and all of us hit the ground just in time. a white-blue beam passed over us-and sliced an iron lamppost in two. we had come equipped with shields for just such a situation as this. they were circular and after they were activated sent out an energy field in concentric circles in all directions. at full strength they could repel bullets,rays or anything they could throw against us. when the enemy saw this they changed their tactics. son we saw a blue-green flare about 20 yards in front of us. the man next to me nudged me and said"that is their signal for some secret weapon.stay on alert". soon a flatbed tow truck pulled up about 75 feet away. its payload was a large cylinder about 8 feet long and 3 feet high. two men in uniform drew out white powered bags and arranged them in a line in front of the cylinder,then drew streamlined light gray weapons pointed them at the bags and fired. instantly the bags exploded in a cloud of white-silver mist. then the cloud began to expand until it covered the whole length of the block in front of us. then it began to crystallize, then solidified into a glacier,and a very fast moving glacier. our high tech equipment told us it contained liquid oxygen, nitrogen gas and several chemical compounds i had never heard of. this was a weapon designed to imprison any enemy force that might threaten them. we handled this two ways: first our light beams were automatically attuned to the glaciers frequency. second we activated a natural heat field around the body just as some yogis in the Himalayas do. our natural force field around the body could melt the gases and ice,while our frequency and light beams could take care of the chemicals. some curious bystanders were caught and frozen solid. no time to help them. one of our communicators intercepted a message from the town to the tower. instantly we returned to our shields and activated them to full force. immediately frequency beams began hitting the force fields . we were holding them off,when an unexpected thing happened. i heard a mans voice ,barely audible at first,then increasing enough to be heard. when i looked i found he was dressed completely in green and was on the roof of the train station. he was calling for the fighting to stop and a truce between both sides. the whole atmosphere of the town changed. the frequency barrage ceased and we de-activated our shields. i felt a new sense of peace in contrast to the previous feeling of conflict and mortal combat. the enemy declared a truce. the man in green was there mediating between us. when i asked the man in green (who wore a feathered hat,green also) if he did not think what the hostile force had been doing had not been dangerous in the extreme he replied that this was exactly what they would have to give up. then i woke up

Dream Meanings:

The dream begins in a heavily wooded area covered in snow, symbolizing a cold and isolated situation. You find yourself in a group aiming to liberate a town controlled by a highly advanced organization using mind control techniques. This represents a struggle against oppression and manipulation in your waking life.

The presence of a scientist held captive in the town signifies important knowledge or information that is being suppressed. This could indicate a situation where you feel limited or restricted due to the withholding of crucial information or resources.

The use of drugged food and frequency beams for mind control represents external influences that are affecting your thoughts and actions. Perhaps you feel manipulated or powerless against certain forces that are influencing your decisions and behavior.

Moving through the woods with caution reflects your careful and strategic approach to overcoming these challenges. However, the sudden siren and searchlights illuminating the town square symbolize the threat of being exposed or caught in your pursuit of liberation. It suggests that there may be opposition or obstacles hindering your progress.

The activation of shields to repel attacks indicates your ability to protect yourself and resist external pressures. This signifies your resilience and determination to overcome adversities. However, the appearance of a secret weapon suggests that there might be unexpected challenges or hidden dangers that you need to be aware of.

The explosion of white-silver mist and the subsequent formation of a glacier represents the attempt by external forces to immobilize or trap you. This could reflect a situation where you feel confined or trapped by circumstances beyond your control. However, your high-tech equipment and natural heat field symbolize your inner strength and ability to melt away obstacles. This implies that through your own abilities and resilience, you can overcome any challenges that come your way.

The voice of the man dressed in green, mediating for a truce, signifies the emergence of a peaceful resolution. This represents an opportunity for reconciliation and coming to terms with conflicting aspects of your life. The truce and sense of peace at the end of the dream suggest that by finding common ground and understanding, you can overcome conflicts and achieve harmony in your waking life.

Overall, this dream reflects your subconscious desire to break free from external influences and regain control over your own thoughts and actions. It urges you to remain resilient in the face of challenges and seek a peaceful resolution to conflicts in your waking life.

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