Walking Without Shoes - Feeling Stagnant and Directionless

betty - 16 Tem , 2023

I have been dreaming walking without shoes for a long time, since 2018 and my life was very challenging and stagnant.I have started dreaming again about the same this year,I feel my life is stagnant and nothing is moving forward I'm old enough to be married,but I have nothing,no suitor,no job,no child,,I went to church on Friday and prayed and gave my sacrifice, yesterday night I dreamt walking in the village with my long time friend going to market only to realize I wasn't having shoes,I had socks,,I looked for my shoes I couldn't find them so I told her we can proceed with our journey even without shoes.

Dream Meanings:

The dream of walking without shoes for a long time symbolizes a sense of vulnerability and being unprepared for the challenges in life. This recurring theme since 2018 indicates that you have been facing a period of stagnation and difficulties. It reflects a feeling of being stuck and unable to progress forward.

The mention of being old enough to be married, yet having no suitor, job, or child, highlights the frustration and disappointment you may be experiencing in your personal and professional life. It signifies a lack of fulfillment and a desire for progression and stability.

The visit to the church and praying, as well as giving a sacrifice, suggests that you are seeking guidance and spiritual support during this challenging time. You are hoping for divine intervention to bring positive changes to your life.

The dream of walking in the village with a long-time friend represents a desire for companionship and support in your journey. However, the absence of shoes signifies that you still feel unprepared and insecure about moving forward. You may feel that you are not equipped with the necessary resources or opportunities to achieve your goals.

Despite the lack of shoes, deciding to proceed with the journey implies resilience and determination to keep moving forward, even in challenging circumstances. It signifies your willingness to overcome obstacles and make the most out of the present situation.

Overall, this dream reflects your current state of feeling stagnant and directionless in life. It highlights the need to address your feelings of vulnerability, lack of progress, and desire for stability. Consider exploring new opportunities, seeking support from loved ones, and maintaining a positive mindset to bring about positive changes in your life.

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