Dream Interpretation: Mother and the Snake

- 20 Kas , 2023

I saw a dream where my dead mother lying on a bed, and there is a dark snake around her. I am standing beside her bed. With all most 5ft away, shouting amiii amiii ( mother mother ) there is snake but she is not moving or doing anything? I saw this dream around 1:30 am.

Dream Meanings:

The dream you had about your deceased mother lying on a bed with a dark snake around her carries important symbolism and can be interpreted in several ways.

Seeing your mother in a dream can often represent guidance, protection, and wisdom. It signifies that she continues to have a presence in your life, even though she is physically no longer with you. It is a reminder of the strong bond and love you shared with her.

The presence of a snake in this dream adds another layer of meaning. Snakes are often associated with transformation, healing, and rebirth. The fact that the snake is not moving or causing harm suggests that its presence is not threatening. It could represent a part of yourself or a situation in your life that needs attention or healing.

Your distance from the snake and your attempts to get your mother's attention by calling out to her indicate a sense of concern or fear. It may reflect your desire to protect your mother or your longing for her guidance and support in a challenging situation.

Overall, this dream may be a reflection of your subconscious processing unresolved emotions or the need for closure regarding your mother's passing. It might be beneficial for you to explore your feelings, seek support from loved ones, or consider therapy to work through any unresolved grief or concerns.

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