Kissing Boss: Betrayal and Power Dynamics

mercy wanjiku - 19 Kas , 2023

I dreamt of my boss who just fired me kissing me on my lips yet he is married.what could it mean

Dream Meanings:

Dream Interpretation:

This dream symbolizes feelings of betrayal and power dynamics in your professional life. The presence of your boss, who recently fired you, suggests unresolved emotions related to this event. The act of kissing represents a violation of personal boundaries and suggests a power imbalance in the relationship with your boss.

The dream might indicate a sense of manipulation or deceit from your boss. It could imply that they took advantage of their position of authority over you. Alternatively, it could represent your subconscious desire for revenge or a need to assert your own power in response to the dismissal.

The element of your boss being married introduces another layer of complexity. It might suggest feelings of guilt or immorality, both on your part and on the part of your boss. It could symbolize a moral conflict between your desires and the expectations of society or your own values.

Overall, this dream reflects the mix of emotions you have experienced due to the recent events involving your boss. It highlights the need for you to process these feelings and work towards healing and regaining your power in professional relationships.

Remember, dream interpretations are subjective, and only you can truly understand the specific meaning behind your dream.

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