Interpretation of Zircon in Dreams

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Interpretation of Zircon in Dreams

Zircon in a dream signifies unity and affection between husband and wife, or a contract between partners, or reconciliation between enemies. It may also represent the correctness of one's faith. This stone symbolizes wisdom and holds within it worldly wisdom as well as virtues of honor and prestige.

Zircon Dream Symbolism

Dreams of zircon indicate that you are settling for second best, desiring true love or a magnificent life, and venting out feelings of unworthiness. It suggests that you may have misplaced your confidence and affections. Reexamine your relationships and keep your private affairs to yourself for now.

Zircon as 'The Prudent One'

Zircon is known as 'The Prudent One', indicating misplaced emotions and the need to be less trusting in relationships. It signifies being a grounded and centered individual, even though these definitions might not be commonly recognized. When seen on a ring, zircon is associated with artificial elements.

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