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Confusion in Familiarity - 25 Jul , 2024

I had a dream that I was in a wooden house lying down then got up and then went to a car with little compartments in metal in it. Then I saw an unknown man in a green balcony in a green wall. What doe...

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Signs in the Sky - 24 Jul , 2024

I saw a number of constellations in different shapes visible very clearly above our home in sky. The moon was also there, rising.All were towards east. I tell my sister to look at them. The constellat...

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Confusion in transitions and financial obligations - 24 Jul , 2024

I had a dream where I was in an unknown brown wooden house and then went through the airport through the gate and showed my passport and then saw a brilliant sports car in a street. Then I went home. ...

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Rescuing Father from Danger - 23 Jul , 2024

I saw my father fallen down on the ground full dirty of water and I jumped to save him....and I saved him......

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A Mixed Dream of Siblings, Chases, and Rooms - 23 Jul , 2024

Salaam, my dream was that I was with my sister and we were going to a hallway that was brown, grey and white and I went to a room and saw a white glass that I held. And then I walked down a street and...

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Confusion and Transition in Dream - 22 Jul , 2024

Salaam, I had a dream that was on a train station or train sending my essay to a teacher and then I went to the shopping street with my mum and it was grey and she was wearing a red dress and my broth...

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Dream Interpretation: Bougainvillea, Money, and Deceased Cousin - 21 Jul , 2024

I saw a bougainvillea plant blossoms with pink and white flowers. A pleasant breeze was blowing. It was very calming. In another scenario I saw my previous office. There was dust on my chair and tab...

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Dilemma of Financial Dependency - 21 Jul , 2024

In real life, I pay some money to my father-in-law monthly. Since my economic situation is not good, I have been having difficulty making payments in recent months. In my dream, I tell my father-in-la...

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Symbolic Dream of Transformation and Rebirth - 19 Jul , 2024

Salaam, I had a dream of seeing a car park and then had coffee with someone and their phone broke down. then i was going to an unknown apartment with white walls and a wooden floor with a man and goin...

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Dream of European Parliament election, upside down airplane, and family in mall - 18 Jul , 2024

Salaam, I had a dream of my friend and I getting elected for the European Union Parliament and then I was waiting for her to go on a boat and I was in a road and a bus went by. I then went to an airpl...

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