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Meeting with a Multitude of Motherly Love - 26 Eyl , 2023

Hi, i saw my mom (who passed away 3 years ago) in her prayer hejab (chador) waving and sending kisses for me and my father but she was multiplied and all of them was doing the same thing, i was crying...

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Unexpected Connection with a Stranger - 25 Eyl , 2023

I was in a room with around 15 people in the room. There was a beautiful woman who was a complete stranger to me. She came to me and we both were cuddling with each other. She gave e a kiss on the lip...

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Surprising Encounters and Discomfort - 25 Eyl , 2023

I saw myself in a foreign country. I had two foreign roommate there. Through the window when we look , we could see naked men surfing in the sea (only the backside).Due to the unpleasant sight ; I tur...

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Visiting from the Afterlife - 24 Eyl , 2023

My dead sister in law visited me ,it seems I was at work. I tried to hug her but she refused my hug and shaked my hand instead. I was shocked to see her. She lighted 3 white candles for prayer purpose...

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Swimming at the Beach at Night with Old Friends and Ex - 24 Eyl , 2023

I dreamt that i am at the beach at night and there were a lot of people swimming. I was there with two of old friends whom i am not in contact with one of them is my ex. We decided to swim and we did ...

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Collecting Gold Chains in a Desert Place - 24 Eyl , 2023

In a desert place ,I saw a lot of gold chains(plain necklaces) on the ground scattered all over .And I can see myself collecting those gold chains from the ground....

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Dream Interpretation: Forest, Packages, Slicing Meat, and Being Attacked - 24 Eyl , 2023

I dreamt whereby I was traveling to another village through the forest way,(it exist in reality) an saw some package woods,they were about 3-4,an I was trying to take one but could not. Furthermore I ...

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Brother Collecting Clean and Unclean Rainwater - 24 Eyl , 2023

In my dream my brother had collected a barrel full of unclean rain water outside the house but also saw he was collecting very clean rain water in a big bowl from inside the house...

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Driving a Car with Mom - 23 Eyl , 2023

I saw myself driving a car with my mom on my side. First I felt difficulty in steering the wheel while for once she kept her hand to support ,then after I was able to drive smoothly .this dream I had ...

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Deceased Uncle Building a White House - 23 Eyl , 2023

I dreamed my deceased uncle build me a new house and it was white and he baked me a fresh loaf of white bread and told me i need to stay there and eat the bread it was specially made for me...

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