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Dream of Conversing and Meeting an Ex - 17 Apr , 2024

Dreaming like waking next to someone we were having a conversation then we crossed a small bridge, then my ex was coming towards us....

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The Soldier, The Snake, and the Divorce Warning - 17 Apr , 2024

"So, I dreamed of seeing a soldier killing a snake and removing its skin. Then, I saw a soldier firing at a snake from a mountaintop where the last soldier was standing then i saw him putting snake in...

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Disturbing Dream About Contaminated Soda - 16 Apr , 2024

I had a dream, I drank a soda. but the soda had both ice, and bugs in it. one of them being a scorpion, few ants, and some beetles. TURNS OUT, THEY WERE STILL ALIVE!? My strawberry soda was o...

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A Gathering of Celebration and Unity - 15 Apr , 2024

I saw a dream that many people, men and women, were gathered for some celebration at a place. All were wearing white. I also attended that gathering and arrived there with other women. We were welcome...

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Dream about Fishing with College Roommate - 14 Apr , 2024

Hello team, today I got the dream concerning me and my college roommate. Here are the details; Dreams took place when were in the lake catching fish. I was the one doing so. In the dream we were to...

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A Protective Encounter with Prophet Muhammad - 14 Apr , 2024

The dream I saw seems important though strange to me but can’t figure out what it could mean. I write it down for your kind interpretation and guidance. I saw that I was at some place, a home. There ...

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Dealing with Filth and Disgust in a Dream - 14 Apr , 2024

I dreamed that I used a steel plate with small holes to catch bird droppings. I moved the steel plate up and down so that the shit fell from the holes, scattering all over the ground. Bird droppings a...

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A Warning from the Beyond - 14 Apr , 2024

I saw my dead great grandmother, saying that her son ,who is still alive, want to kill me. Then he took a shotgun and was after me to kill me...

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Dream: Cutting Someone Else's Hair - 13 Apr , 2024

I dreamed about cutting someone else's hair even though I'm not a hairdresser. However, I don't give them a pretty haircut but shave their heads. What is the meaning of this dream?...

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Ambition and Self-Reflection - 13 Apr , 2024

I had a dream where I saw myself walking through the town's clothes shopping area and then going to a stage where my friend was on a stage and I went with her. Then it was a very bright day throughout...

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