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Twice Dreamed Dream - 04 Ara , 2023

*Twice dreamed dream* Hello team: I have had been experiencing certain type of dreams almost for three times now the same type of dream Maybe you would help. It's like this; Some three if not...

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A Mysterious Advice and Imbalanced Drinks - 04 Ara , 2023

I had a dream, a man from my college then who barely ever spoke to me, called me to advice me about my boyfriend. After he advised me, he disappeared. Later, I and my boyfriend met up, he had two drin...

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Dream Interpretation: Office on Wheels - 04 Ara , 2023

This is the 2nd time I have had this same dream - about 3 months ago and last night. I saw myself in a four-wheel office rolling it around on the neighborhood streets. I don't think it was on the high...

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Rescuing a Troubled Relationship and Finding Independence - 04 Ara , 2023

I had a dream I was fetching my boyfriend from a place that felt like prison. I went inside the place. He had been shot on his arm. He really wasn't himself, his energy was off and really low. We left...

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Dream Interpretation: Intense Connection with Crush - 03 Ara , 2023

I could use some help: I dreamt that I was with my crush, and that we were outside, alone in the dark. All of the sudden, we have intense eye contact, and she brushes her lips over mine. However, we d...

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Dream Interpretation: Competition for Love - 03 Ara , 2023

My friend saw me ask for the hand of my crush and then another man came as well asking for her hand but they accepted me and she felt happy...

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Insect Infestation and Self-Protection - 02 Ara , 2023

A day before I saw some small wasps falling to the ground and I kill them. A day later I saw that I with my siblings were in our grandparents home. We were in beds laying for rest and one or two was...

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Unexpected Changes and Unseen Dangers - 02 Ara , 2023

I dreamed that I woke up and the guy I was dating changed the bathroom to all black a new toilet a new shower curtain and I said too him this is nice. Then he said yeah and the refrigerator is coming ...

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Gifted Expensive Phone and Chatting with Girlfriend - 02 Ara , 2023

I dream that my girlfriend dad bought her a very expensive current phone and she was so happy and she was chatting with me with the phone then I woke up and few days again I dream that she was chattin...

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Dream: Escaping a War and Surviving Nuclear Attacks - 02 Ara , 2023

hi i was in my grandma's house i had a feeling that something is coming after few minutes i saw a old aircraft that shooted somewhere else and vanished after that a group of bomber jets camed an...

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