Four Element in Dream

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Four Element in Dream

The duality of meaning of symbols represents the two struggles in the life of man: the struggle against others and self. This may most easily be expressed through the four elements, described here in the sequence of the endocrine system—Earth (Gonads), Water (Cells of Leydig), Fire (Adrenals), and Air (Thymus).

EARTH • some of the constructive symbols for earth are mountains, tunnels, ground, rich soil; if used properly they lead to higher aspirations of life, symbolized in climbing a mountain; in tunnels representing the inner self; in ground, being "down to earth"; in rich soil, which if cultivated yields a rich harvest. The Cayce readings say dreams of gorges, narrow roads, mud, large boulders, and refuse all indicate a departure or neglect of the moral way. These are often related to physical abuses of the body such as alcoholism, drugs and sensuality. Earth represents materialism, also the conscious mind.

WATER • in the Bible, John 7:38, there is a reference to the "water of life": "He that believeth on me out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water." The Cayce readings say this symbolizes the spiritual forces flowing through the endocrine gland system. In Rev. 21:6, we read "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is a-thirst of the fountain of the water of life freely." Here, water clearly symbolizes spiritual ideals, which are as necessary to the purity of the soul as water is necessary to the cleanliness and survival of the body. For example, to dream of going to the bathroom is common, especially for people beginning to record their dreams with the intent of growing spiritually. The bathroom is the room of the house (your body) where you cleanse externally as well as internally. So the dream is saying in the form of symbols that you are spiritually cleansing. We use water to drink, to cook our food with, to have pleasures of all kinds— fishing, boating, swimming, etc. These are all constructive uses of water. On the destructive side, there are rivers that overflow their banks, tidal waves, typhoons that destroy whole cities. So depending on the setting of the dream, the experience and background of the individual, water may have negative connotations. For example, you could have a dream of being in a boat on turbulent water; this may imply that your vehicle (your body, represented in this case by the boat) is experiencing some turbulence in life.

FIRE • is present not only in the center of the earth and in the stars of heaven, but also in the heart of man. Fire purifies as well as destroys. God spoke to Moses from a burning bush, but the bush was unharmed. Fire and brimstone destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and cleansed the country of corruption. Constructively, symbols of fire are the fires of love, spiritual zeal, patriotic fervor, patience, and enthusiasm. It can be soft, warm, and comforting. Destructively, fire is symbolized in uncontrolled temper, jealousy, vengeance, hatred, and unbridled sensuality. In the earth it relates to volcanoes.

AIR • we cannot live without air; it is the "breath of life," or the breath of the Holy Ghost (John 20:21-22). Air usually symbolizes mental activity. Destructively, a dream of turbulent air may indicate an overwrought or tormented mind, symbolized perhaps in a hurricane or a tornado.

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