Understanding Zodiac Signs in Dreams

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Understanding Zodiac Signs in Dreams

The Signs of the Zodiac

The signs of the zodiac carry different meanings based on their depiction. Frequently they represent aspects of your personality that are not wholly known or acknowledged, and therefore need developing. For example, dreaming of Virgo may represent your need to reconnect with feminine attributes or clean up your act physically. Here are some other sample correspondences which may be expanded by reading any good astrology text:

  • Aquarius: Erratic creative energy; feelings of unrest.
  • Aries: Quick decisions that may not be wise; courage and zeal for things to which you commit yourself.
  • Cancer: Paradoxical actions that others find confusing.
  • Capricorn: A cool, patient temperament that hides deeper passions.
  • Gemini: A restless, artistic nature; often impedes meeting goals due to getting bored or distracted.
  • Leo: Strong leadership skills always need to be tempered with wisdom so that you don’t become boastful or pompous.
  • Libra: The need for balance, especially with the emotions.
  • Pisces: A strong spiritual nature is starting to develop along with a new sense of responsibility.
  • Sagittarius: The mark of an overachiever. Make sure your goals are reasonable.
  • Scorpio: A bold, determined nature that sometimes “stings” to achieve its goals or communicate a vision.
  • Taurus: Watch your temper and tendency to want “things” to fill up your life.

The Zodiac in Dreams

The Zodiac may come into dreams in numerous ways. If you are a fan of astrology in waking life, dreams of the Zodiac often reflect your desire for a fuller understanding of the world. If you are not a serious fan of astrology, to see the Zodiac in your dream represents the various aspects of your conscious being. If you dream of a particular Zodiac sign or symbol, you should consider these characteristics and either apply them to yourself or others. Each sign, such as Cancer, Leo, and Pisces, has a stereotypical meaning to illustrate various facets of life and human personality traits. Think also about the Zodiac symbol and the gems, numbers and other elements associated with it.

Symbolic Meanings

Symbolic of mythology and predicting the future, Jer. 10:2-3. (See Celestial spheres; Constellations; Dog; Star).

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