Understanding Dreams About Lenses

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Understanding Dreams About Lenses

Visionary Clarity

A lens symbolizes concentration and visionary clarity. When a lens appears in a dream, we need to be clear as to whether it is enlarging the object being looked at or intensifying it. An interpretation can only be made in the light of other circumstances in the dream.

Material Aspects

Just as in everyday life, a lens helps to focus attention, so in dreams it can signify our need to perceive something very clearly. Seeing a lens in a dream represents the need to look at a situation more closely and pay attention to small details. It is important not to ignore the little facts in life.

Personal Perception

The image of a lens in your dream may mean you are being asked to focus your attention on something. The key is to recall the condition of the dream lens - was it cracked, clean, dirty, or colored? This signifies personal perception.

Symbolism and Interpretation

  • Point of view.
  • A need or desire to look more closely at something, often a situation, sometimes a relationship.
  • Focusing attention on an area of experience, realization, or intuition.
  • Perception - how you see yourself and others.
  • Wise discernment.

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