Interpretation of Dreaming about Zoological Garden

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Interpretation of Dreaming about Zoological Garden

To dream of visiting zoological gardens:

Denotes that you will have a varied fortune. Sometimes it seems that enemies will overpower you and again you stand in the front rank of success. You will also gain knowledge by travel and sojourn in foreign countries.

To dream of a zoological garden:

Will show that you may always be a winner in business if you adhere to the rules of fair play and citizenship. If you visit them you will overcome all opponents that stand in the way of your success. You gain knowledge if you dream of tending the garden.

To dream that you are visiting a zoological garden:

Means you should look to succeed at a business venture by adhering to your ethics.

Sign of pleasurable travel:

In company with a distinguished person to dream of watching the animals in a zoo.

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