Interpretation of Dreaming about Honey and Honeycomb

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Interpretation of Dreaming about Honey and Honeycomb

Psychological and Emotional Perspective:

Honey is thought by some to impart fertility and virility. To be dreaming of honey would indicate that we are perhaps entering a much more productive time on all levels.

Material Aspects:

Honey almost inevitably represents pleasure and sweetness. To dream of honey – and particularly eating it – can be to recognize that we are needing to give ourselves pleasure. Equally, it can indicate the essence of our feelings, that we have been through some kind of joyful experience, which can now be assimilated and become part of our everyday existence. Also consult the entry for bee / beehive.


As a healing substance, honey has the power to regenerate. It symbolizes both immortality and rebirth. The honeycomb symbolizes the perfect construction.

Categories: dreaming, honey, honeycomb, pleasure, fertility, virility, productivity, immortality, rebirth, symbolism

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