Understanding and Healing Abandonment Issues in Dreams

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Dreams of Abandonment

If you dream of being abandoned or forsaken, the dream is almost certainly expressing your own (albeit unconscious) feelings. Perhaps you felt uncared for as a child. If so, your dreams will probably include direct or indirect references to your parents. Alternatively, the feeling may be of more recent origin. Whenever the feeling originated, it has to be dealt with now.

The first and most important step is to look at the feeling as objectively as possible, as something that is living inside you but is not essential to your being. You can choose to nourish it or wave goodbye to it. What is the point of nourishing it? Self-pity is negative and destructive - though this is not to say that you should be hard and unsympathetic with yourself: you should offer love and understanding and forgiveness to yourself as well as to others. Realize that you are not identical with your feelings: you can change them at will, and by changing them you change the quality of your life.

Gestalt Tactic

To say you should look objectively at your feeling does not mean that you shouldn’t employ the Gestalt tactic of identifying imaginatively with the abandoned one in your dream and thereby reliving the abandonment. Such identifying and reliving, however, are helpful and therapeutic only when they enable you to see the feeling as something you can say yes or no to, as something that is a part of you but does not have to be a part of you.

Loss of External Guidance

The abandonment may signify a loss of external guidance in your life. Perhaps circumstances have caused a rift between you and your father or mother or some other ‘authority figure’ from whom you previously took your moral code or other values and attitudes. The authority in question may have been some religious or other ideological set of rules and sanctions that you have now discarded. Some people throw off one authoritarian code of conduct only to embrace another. However, if you have rejected such externally imposed codes outright, this probably means that you have become aware that you alone are responsible for your life, for any choices or decisions.

Ultimately, you are the sole authority in your life: if you let someone or something (pope or guru, or social conventions, or whatever) have authority over you, it is you who choose to give them that authority. This is not to say that it is wrong to allow them that authority, only that it is you who decide whether it is right or wrong. It is no use putting the blame on people or things outside you - the Church, or the government, or some external fate or circumstances. You create yourself, you create your own happiness or misery, success or failure.

Control Over Reactions

Of course, there are some things that impinge upon your life that you cannot remove, but although the things themselves are beyond your control, your reaction to them is always within your control: you can succumb or not, become angry and embittered or not. There is perhaps a kind of ‘destiny’ or life-plan; but it is grounded in the center of your own being, and fulfilling your destiny simply means being - or, rather, becoming - yourself. And that entails getting rid of anything that has no positive or creative role to play in the unfolding of your true nature, and nourishing and developing those parts of you - feelings, attitudes, aims, desires and so forth - that can and should contribute to a full and rich blossoming of your true self.

Dealing with Loss

The feeling of abandonment may be the result of the death of someone you relied on (consciously or unconsciously) for your own feeling of worthwhileness, for a sense of purpose or meaning in life. If so, again - as in the loss of external guidance - you should look within yourself for meaning and worthwhileness and strength.

This does not necessarily mean a slide into extreme subjectivism. What I am recommending is a subjective method of finding the meaning of life. This does not mean that what you find by this method is a purely subjective truth, something that has no reality outside your own imagining and is true only for yourself and not for others. There may well be a meaning and a purpose - a destiny - in all things, in the totality of existing universes. However, for all but a few - e.g. advanced physicists - the experiential grounding for such meaning is to be found in themselves, their own destiny and meaning within the great cosmos.

Neglected Aspects of Self

The forsaken one in your dream may represent a neglected part of you, be it an instinctive drive or a desire or ambition, or some unrealized potential. If so, try to identify it and, having identified it, try to find an honorable and appropriate place for it in your conscious life.

Letting Go and Self-discovery

Throwing Off Inhibitions

If the abandonment in your dream is a state of licentious abandonment, the dream is either expressing feelings or desires that you are conscious of having, or telling you that at the unconscious level of your psyche there is a demand for greater freedom, for throwing away the chains with which you (or, more precisely, your guilt-feelings) have shackled yourself. In other words, you need to let yourself go in order to find yourself.

In most cases, such dreams will be referring to your sexual life (or lack of it). Please understand, therefore, that licentious behavior in a dream is usually an instance of how dreams may use exaggeration or hyperbole as a tool for penetrating the conscious ego and forcing it to give attention to something in the unconscious that is rightfully demanding proper scope for expression in the dreamer’s day-to-day life. Obviously, to let oneself go completely and continuously and relinquish all self-control may well lead to the loss of self.

  • It related to feelings of abandonment, rejection, or abandonment.
  • Abandoning a child in a dream indicate that the person is in a difficult situation or project that they have abandoned or abandoned.
  • If the city is abandoned, it suggest feelings of abandonment or neglect.
  • An abandoned house represents neglect, abandonment, and isolation.
  • To see an abandoned building in your dream suggests that your approach toward a situation or relationship is all wrong.
  • On the positive side, it can also mean you’re dropping old patterns and attitudes.
  • Your own self-image may have suffered and taken some blow.
  • To see an abandoned building in your dream suggests that your approach toward a situation or relationship is all wrong.
  • On the positive side, it can also mean you’re dropping old patterns and attitudes.
  • Your own self-image may have suffered and taken some blow.
  • If the child is lost or abandoned, it represent feelings of loneliness or abandonment.
  • Dreaming of abandoned factories symbolize a feeling of neglect or abandonment.
  • Abandoned warehouse dreams symbolize feelings of neglect or abandonment.
  • Abandoned places, signify loneliness, fear, abandonment, and uncertainties.
  • The symbol of abandoned imply feelings of neglect, loneliness, or abandonment.
  • If the baby birds are abandoned, it suggests feelings of neglect, abandonment, or loneliness.
  • If the school is abandoned, it indicate feelings of neglect or abandonment in your life.
  • The dream of an abandoned city indicate that the dreamer feels lonely and abandoned.
  • The abandoned hotel serve as a symbol of your feelings of isolation and abandonment.
  • if the house is in poor condition or abandoned, it reflect feelings of neglect or abandonment.
  • An abandoned car in turn indicate that the dreaming feels lonely or abandoned.
  • Being abandoned on a ship make you feel alone and abandoned.
  • An abandoned house represent loss, fear, abandonment and even the unconscious.
  • An abandoned church in a dream represent feelings of loss, abandonment, and neglect.
  • An abandoned church often symbolizes feelings of loss, abandonment, or neglect.
  • Dreaming of an abandoned child a reflection of your feelings of neglect or abandonment.
  • Dreaming of a derelict or abandoned house signify feelings of neglect or abandonment.
  • An abandoned amusement park evoke feelings of abandonment, sadness and disappointment.
  • Lost or Abandoned: A ring on the ground symbolize feelings of abandonment or loss.
  • In Christianity, dreaming of being abandoned indicate a feeling of abandonment by God.
  • Old and abandoned houses: It represents a feeling of emptiness and abandonment in your life.
  • Dreaming of an abandoned place is often associated with feelings of loneliness, loss, and abandonment.
  • An abandoned old residence represents feelings of neglect, abandonment, or forgotten memories.
  • If the dusty house is abandoned or old, it on it indicate that the dreamer is feeling old or abandoned.
  • Dreaming of an abandoned baby girl represent your feelings of neglect or abandonment.
  • Having an abandoned car in a dream reflect a feeling of loss or being abandoned.
  • Seeing abandoned animals in a dream often suggests feelings of neglect or abandonment.
  • The dreamer feel that they have been abandoned or abandoned by their friends, family or community.
  • The abandoned ship mean being lost and abandoned in life without God.
  • If the school is rundown or abandoned, it indicate a feeling of neglect or abandonment in the waking life.
  • An abandoned city in a dream often represents feelings of loneliness, isolation, and abandonment.
  • In contrast, a dark and abandoned home indicate feelings of loneliness, neglect, and abandonment.
  • A dream about abandonment mean being afraid of being abandoned by someone.
  • Especially for a married person, it is a sign that his wife will abandon himself and to be abandoned
  • To see a heartache in a dream refers to abandoning religion and circumcision or completely abandoning it
  • Abandoned babies in dreams represent aspects of yourself that you feel are neglected or abandoned.
  • If the puppy is lost or abandoned, it represent feelings of loneliness or abandonment in my waking life.
  • You dreamt that you abandoned a child or witnessed someone else abandoning a child.
  • Dreaming of someone abandoning their baby represent a feeling of neglect or abandonment within yourself.
  • Fear of Abandonment: If someone dreams of a forgotten friend, it mean that they are afraid of being abandoned.
  • Dreaming of being abandoned by a car indicate feeling detached and abandoned by someone or something.
  • For instance, if the building is abandoned, it indicate feelings of isolation or abandonment in your waking life.
  • Dreaming about abandoned pets mean feeling alone and abandoned in a situation or relationship.
  • Dreaming about an abandoned cat usually symbolizes feelings of neglect, abandonment, or separation.
  • The baby being abandoned signifies a feeling of loneliness or abandonment in your waking life.
  • If the dream involves abandoned kittens or motherless kittens, it suggest feelings of abandonment or neglect.
  • Dreaming of an abandoned ship a manifestation of anxiety about change, abandonment, or being stranded.
  • Dreaming of an abandoned hospital indicate a feeling of neglect or abandonment in your waking life.
  • Being abandoned by someone you love represent a fear of rejection, abandonment, or loss.
  • The dream of an abandoned carnival indicates a certain sense of neglect or abandonment in one's life.
  • dreaming of an abandoned carnival represent a feeling of loss or abandonment in your personal life.
  • Fear of abandonment: The dream also mean that one is afraid of being alone or abandoned.
  • A fear or feeling of abandonment .
  • in the open [abandoned and despised]
  • The fear of abandonment or rejection
  • Feeling of loneliness or abandonment
  • Feeling of abandonment and isolation
  • Abandonment of goals and dreams
  • A feeling of abandonment or neglect
  • It a symbol of neglect or abandonment.
  • The concept of abandonment is a fear-based illusion that taps into a deep reservoir of historical injuries.
  • The fear of being left alone is rooted in infancy and triggers overwhelming emotions and irrational thoughts.
  • Feelings of abandonment often stem from personal insecurities and weaknesses that invalidate our strengths.
  • Dreaming of being abandoned reflects a fear of being alone or lacking the ability to face life's challenges.
  • It can mirror real-life situations or internal struggles where parts of ourselves feel inaccessible.
  • The dream may serve as a message to trust our instincts and inner resources despite feeling deserted by others.
  • Abandonment in dreams can represent various forms of loss and fear, whether physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or financial.
  • It may signify issues of trust, integrity, self-support, or letting someone down.
  • Understanding the symbolism of abandonment can shed light on personal insecurities and unresolved emotional conflicts.
  • A man dreaming of abandoning a mistress and inheriting money from an unexpected source may symbolize a desire to break free from a negative relationship or situation.
  • The dream suggests a shift towards financial independence and empowerment.
  • Dreams of abandonment can highlight feelings of rejection, betrayal, or helplessness in personal relationships.
  • Whether abandoning oneself or feeling abandoned by others, these dreams encourage self-reflection and empowerment to overcome feelings of insecurity and dependence.
  • Dreaming of being abandoned generally predicts problems and difficulties; it means you feel uncared for or emotionally neglected.
  • Many times, the feeling of abandonment is linked to escape, which indicates cowardice regarding a given situation.
  • Conversely, if the abandonment produces a feeling of joy, it is a sign of hope in the future.
  • If the person who leaves is your mother, these problems could be of material nature; however, if the one who leaves is your father, it usually means unwillingness to achieve your goals.
  • You may also be seeking advice about an aspect of your life or someone with authority to show you the way forward.
  • In contrast, if it is your partner who says goodbye, you must face all kinds of problems of your own making.
  • When abandonment is the protagonist itself, the dream indicates insecurity caused by the desire to possess the person who is turning their back.
  • Finally, if it is you who abandons someone or something, the unconscious is pushing you to change environments or habits, because you are too attached to certain principles or settings.
  • When this kind of dream comes after the death of a loved one, it means you are starting to recover from pain and to accept your feelings of anger, depression, fear, or even abandonment.
  • If you leave something unpleasant, you will get good economic news.
  • When you leave someone you value, the times ahead will be difficult.
  • If you are the one abandoned, reconciliation will arrive soon.
  • A child's first and most important relationship is with its mother, so being abandoned in a dream will have slightly different connotations in a man's dream to those of a woman.
  • For both, however, there will be security issues.
  • Grief at the loss of a partner or family member can trigger dreams of abandonment, perhaps bringing to the fore many unresolved issues.
  • Dreams in which you are abandoned by a loved one or left feeling lost and helpless can hark back to archetypal childhood fears of being abandoned by those on whom you were totally dependent for physical and emotional nourishment, such as your parents or the people who raised you.
  • As adults, this fear can manifest in dreams of being abandoned or rejected by parents, friends, family or people you care about.

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