Understanding the Symbolism of Dreaming About Zippers

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Understanding the Symbolism of Dreaming About Zippers

Interpretation of Zipper Dreams:

Dreaming of a zipper means one thing and one thing only, sexuality! If you are unzipping then it means you are ready to accept and open up to sexual interactions. On the other hand if you are zipping up it suggests that you are putting up emotional barriers to others. You are also not open to fulfilling your sexual desires. Seeing a damaged zipper that is unable to open or close in your dream signifies that you are having sexual problems.

Symbolism and Meanings:

Zippers bring things together or keep things closed. If you dream you are trying to zip something up, you are trying to keep something in your life from opening up and falling apart. If you dream you or someone else is all “zipped up,” you are reserved and have trouble being spontaneous. If you are told to “zip it,” you may feel you can't express what you truly want to say.

Control and Release:

Something needs to be either contained or released. A zipper that is broken may point to an inability to control whether you let something be revealed or not. Being unable to open a zipper may point to some level of frustration around feeling confined or controlled.

Relationships and Social Embarrassment:

If you dreamed of a stuck zipper (that you couldn’t do up), or a broken zipper, this symbolizes social embarrassment. But if you dream of a zipper that closes easily, you will overcome minor troubles. Your dignity will be maintained despite enormous provocation if you are fastening your own zipper. However, if the zipper gets stuck, you will suffer unpleasant consequences through the actions of one of your friends.

Interpreting Zipper Dreams

Social Chagrin Prediction

Social chagrin is the message if you dreamed of a stuck or broken zipper, but if it fastened easily, the dream predicts satisfaction in minor matters now pending.

Symbolic Meaning

Depth Psychology: The zipper stands for the loving connection you have with other people. If the zipper is broken, expect disappointments in a relationship. See Sewing.

Ability for Concealment

Ability to quickly conceal my innermost feelings so I can choose to reveal them when I feel it is more convenient to open up.

Symbolism of Zipper

  • 1. Invitation to lovemaking.
  • 2. A need for discretion (to be caught with an open zipper).
  • 3. Wordplay on nothingness or “zip.”

Receptivity Warning

Warns against a tendency to control situations; pertains to an indiscriminate opening and closing of one’s receptivity.

Need for Discretion

Revealing a need for discretion and closure. Closing things in or opening things up.

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