Interpreting Ship Dreaming Symbolism

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Interpreting Ship Dreaming Symbolism

Ship Symbolism in Dreams

In a man’s dream, a ship may symbolize the anima, especially as leading the ego safely through the depths of the unconscious (represented by the sea). (For anima, see Brother / Sister, sections (4) and (5).)

A ship may be a feminine symbol, representing mother, or some other woman, or women in general. See also Woman.

Ship Dream Interpretations

To dream of a shipwreck is indicative of betrayal by familial acquaintances.

Ship Related Lucky Numbers

  • lucky numbers: 04-08-11-13-25-44

Ship Superstitions and Meanings

  • Boarding a ship: make amends, then leave and see who distrusts you.
  • Being on the deck of a ship: contribute a valuable discovery to mankind.
  • Being on the bridge of a ship: a sail across the sea is a lonely introverted journey.
  • Being on a damaged ship: have lost your sense of proportion.
  • Submarine dreaming: have hidden from reality too long.

Dreaming of Ships

Interpretation of a Ship in a Dream:

An oneiric ship can represent our life course and, depending on how it appears, will reveal the state of our mind. If it is a cruise ship, the dream alludes to the pleasant calm that you are going through. If it is a warship, you may be showing too much aggression. The appearance of a lifeboat at the scene indicates your need to escape a storm of feelings and problems in real life. If, however, it is a submarine, the dream indicated your desire to explore the unconscious. On the other hand, ships also symbolize the ability to communicate with people who are far away, whether geographically or in their way of thinking and feeling. For this reason, a journey by sea means you have begun a new life stage or a new relationship. By contrast, in this sense, a ship that sinks warns of the danger of a breakup. (See WATER, BOAT, and SHIPWRECK)

The Significance of a Ship on the Sea:

The image of a ship in a dream stands for the “ship that carries us through life,” and could be thought of as a “lifeboat.” Carrying the dreamer’s personality on the waves of the ocean, the ship is continuously finding new shores or new opportunities for learning. The ancient Chinese book emphasizes the psychic value of a ship in a dream, stating that it is “good to cross the waters.” Additional symbols in the dream will make it easy to determine whether the dreamers journey is going well or not. Often the smoke from the ship’s chimney is a meaningful symbol, as is the ship’s engine. Is the ship in your dream moving at full speed ahead? This too will tell you something about your life journey. (See also “Smoke,” “Engine,” “Embarking,” “Harbor,” “Traveling,” “Shore,” “Water,” and “Boat,” as well as other vessels.)

The Symbolism of a Ship and the Ocean:

A ship is a vehicle that travels on the ocean. The ocean represents the unconscious mind, and a ship traverses the very top layer of this mysterious place. In a dream, a ship implies an investigation of matters of an emotional nature. The state of the ship in your dream offers distinctions around this exploration. A sinking ship implies that your feelings are overwhelming you in a profound way. A more powerful ship, such as one that is run by steam or motors, suggests that there is more strength around what you are exploring. A sailing ship implies a simpler or personal search, but also one that relies on things beyond your ability to control. How well the ship you are on is handling the water that surrounds it could point to how well you are managing a difficult emotional situation in your life.

Personal Associations with a Ship in Dreams:

Large bodies of water are natural symbols of both the unconscious and the emotions. Thus, a ship may represent a vessel of the self moving through the dreamer’s emotions or unconscious. Many other interpretations are possible, depending on whether the ship is large and secure or small and fragile, whether the body of water is smooth and peaceful or disturbed and dangerous, and so on. Naturally, if the dreamer is a sailor, an engineer, or someone else for whom ships are part of daily life, the ship would probably have a more mundane meaning as simply the stage setting for his or her everyday activities.

A vessel that moves among the intuition, emotions and insight.

Interpreting Ship Dreams

Symbolism of Ship in Dreams:

If you dream of being on a ship, it signifies your ability to ride emotional highs and lows, and steady yourself during turbulent moments. The ship carries you across the waters of subconsciousness, reflecting your emotional journey.

Personal Interpretations:

  • A ship of your own sailing on the sea indicates advancement in riches, while a ship about to sink signifies disaster in life.
  • A ship in the distance may symbolize a longing for femininity, and different types of ships characterize your personality.

Spiritual and Biblical Perspectives:

According to the Koran and Bible, a ship is a symbol of rescue. The ship's captain appearing in your dream can indicate success in various areas of your life.

Spiritual Symbolism:

The ship in dreams can represent a method or \vehicle\ that facilitates a spiritual search. It also speaks of exploring emotional highs and lows to maintain your preferred course of action.

Biblical References:

  • James 3:4 compares the guidance of a ship by a small rudder to the direction of one's life.
  • The motion of a ship tossing on the ocean symbolizes the rhythm of sexual mating.

Interpreting Ship Dreams: Symbolism and Meaning

Symbolism of Ships in Dreams

Always spoken of as feminine, ships venture out on the sea, which as we have seen almost invariably represents our emotions. The atmosphere in the dream - of calm or storm, assurance or nervousness — will certainly be important. Are you storm-tossed, emotionally? If so, was the dream reassuring? Did you reach harbour or was there a shipwreck? There may be a reference to a particular woman (perhaps your mother: there is a certain resemblance between the protective ship and the womb). Writers have sometimes drawn the analogy of the Ship of Life, crossing uncertain waters; probably another allusion to your emotional life.

Interpretations of Ship Dreams

Because a ship travels on water, the dream may signify a voyage through the unconscious or a journey involving your emotions. Consider the state of the ship and the condition of the water in your interpretation. To see a ship in a storm may indicate your concern over a tempestuous or unfortunate affair, either in business or personal matters. To dream of others shipwrecked may mean you feel unable to emotionally protect friends or family. If you dream that you are shipwrecked, then you are feeling at the mercy of your emotions and powerless to successfully navigate the situation. You might be burning out from overwork or chronic stress, so take time to consider where in your life you are feeling powerless to create positive change.

Fortune and Misfortune Associated with Ships

To dream of ships foretells honor and unexpected elevation to ranks above your mode of life. To hear of a shipwreck is ominous of a disastrous turn in affairs. Your female friends will betray you. To lose your life in one denotes that you will have an exceeding close call on your life or honor. To see a ship on her way through a tempestuous storm foretells that you will be unfortunate in business transactions, and you will be perplexed to find means of hiding some intrigue from the public, as your partner in the affair will threaten you with betrayal. To see others shipwrecked indicates you will seek in vain to shelter some friend from disgrace and insolvency.

Other Interpretations and Symbolism

Whether powered by sail, steam, or motor, ships in your dream are an augury of profitable ventures. To be in a shipwreck portends a situation in which you will have to defend your reputation. To see or build a model of a ship promises a mad new love affair within the year. A single battleship seen in your dream indicates an improvement in your living conditions; a fleet of ships is a sign of business success. In any dream of ships, the condition of the water and weather must be taken into consideration.

  • Ship: A ship symbolize a journey, transition, or adventure.
  • A ship a symbol for your unconscious desires, especially if you dream of being on the ship or steering the ship.
  • Others passing the equator on a ship will be baptized again on the ship.
  • The Ship Wheel helps steer a ship in the right direction.
  • Seeing a historical ship in a dream symbolizes ship dreams
  • The ship represents you and you are the captain of your ship of life.
  • Seeing a ship in a dream, ship dreams are interpreted in two ways
  • Seeing a ship in a dream, ship dreams are interpreted in two ways
  • On a “ship”/the large church/community of God ; see Themes/Transportation/Ship.
  • Often the smoke from the ship’s chimney is a meaningful symbol, as is the ship’s engine.
  • The Ship: A ship is a common symbol in pirate imagery and is often associated with adventure and travel.
  • The ship deck is a specific location on a ship, and represent a particular aspect of the dreamer's life.
  • The condition of the ship important.
  • The size of the ship significant.
  • If the ship was sailing smoothly:
  • If the ship was sinking or in a storm:
  • The type of ship carry meaning; a cruise ship might symbolize luxury and leisure, while a cargo ship might symbolize hard work and dedication.
  • The color of the huge ship represent different things, a white ship symbolize purity or a new beginning, while a black ship represent negativity or danger.
  • A ship's captain is also responsible for navigating the ship and its passengers safely through the sea.
  • A ship represents a journey, and as the captain, you are responsible for steering the ship towards its destination.
  • Dreams about ships have many meanings, especially when it comes to steering a ship.
  • The ship in the dream symbolize a vehicle for change and transformation, and the size of the ship represent the magnitude of this change.
  • If seen in a ship, it means the ship will escape destruction, and all its people will be saved from drowning.
  • A ship in the distance may symbolize a longing for femininity, and different types of ships characterize your personality.
  • A flying ship refer to the Skidbladnir, a magical ship that fold into a pocket and sail on any sea or sky.
  • A flying ship symbolize the allegory of the Ship of Fools, a metaphor for the foolishness of human vanity, greed, or pride.
  • When you are on a ship, you usually have little to no control over the ship's speed and direction.
  • Sailing a ship represent your faith journey, with the ship symbolizing the Church and the water representing baptism.
  • Boats/Ships: Seeing boats or ships in the North Sea represent the dreamer's journey through life.
  • the ship represent your own self, and the state of the ship indicate your emotional or physical wellbeing.
  • Going from ship to ship in a dream reflects that your decisions will change and your view will be different
  • Seeing ships in a dream is interpreted in two different ways, depending on the condition of the ships seen in the dream
  • ships at sea: death of an enemy
  • Sometimes waiting for a ship or a boat.
  • A ship is a vehicle that travels on the ocean.
  • Dolphins swimming near a ship.
  • The ship symbolize a spiritual journey.
  • The ship is a symbol of journey and adventure.
  • The size and shape of the ship significant.
  • The ship a symbol of this new journey.
  • A ship often symbolizes changes.
  • A ship too be a symbol of adventure.
  • The ship is symbolic of adventure and discovery.
  • It is important to note the condition of the ship.
  • dreaming of a ghost ship indicate:
  • A ship represents a vessel of transformation.
  • Ships a symbol of power and authority.
  • The size and condition of the ship significant.
  • A ship is a symbol of safety and stability.
  • The ship itself significant in the dream.
  • A ship a symbol of an upcoming voyage.
  • The ship symbolic of an adventure or a discovery.
  • The ship a symbol of cooperation and teamwork.
  • The breakdown of the ship is the breakdown of things
  • A quay with no ships alongside warns of disillusionment due to lack of effort, but ships alongside indicate future travel.
  • If you dream that you are a ship owner or that you meet a ship owner, it usually symbolizes success and prosperity.
  • A military ship mean discipline, loyalty, and teamwork, while a pirate ship indicates a desire for adventure and freedom.
  • A flying ship relate to the Argo, a legendary ship that carried Jason and his Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece.
  • The symbol of a ship in a dream traditionally represents a journey, and the ship wheel seen as the guiding force behind that journey.
  • In ancient Greece, a ship represented the journey of life, and dreams of ships were believed to bring good luck.
  • In the Chinese culture, ships symbolize wealth, and dreaming of many ships mean that you will soon receive a windfall.
  • Freudians would certainly regard a ship as a phallic symbol, with a ship being tossed about in turbulent seas representing passionate love-making, and a sinking ship suggesting doomed love.
  • If the ship is in good condition, it represents a smooth journey ahead, while a damaged or sinking ship is a warning of obstacles and difficulties.
  • A white sailing ship indicate purity and spirituality, while a black sailing ship indicate secrets and hidden obstacles.
  • A ship is often associated with travel and discovery, and a dream about a giant ship mean you are on a trip or planning a trip.
  • If the ship is large, it suggests great opportunities coming your way, whereas a small ship implies small aspirations.
  • A large, luxurious ship represent abundance and success, while a small or damaged ship symbolize insecurity or a lack of resources.
  • In Hinduism, a ship represents the mind, and being on a ship in rough seas signify that the dreamer's mind is in a state of chaos and turbulence.
  • A ship’s cabin in a dream warns of enemies.
  • See Ocean, Ship, Shore, Yacht.
  • Did you know the ship's destination?
  • This was a ship that was destroyed by an iceberg in the middle of the ocean.
  • Ship, Rudder obey ; Holy Spirit .
  • A ship serve as a symbol for the soul or the subconscious.
  • High place or ship represents a challenge
  • A ship symbolize changes in your life.
  • The speed of the ship in your dream significant.
  • The fast-moving ship a metaphor for life.
  • The direction in which the ship is headed significant.
  • In Christianity, a ship symbolize the church or salvation.
  • A ship's captain is symbolic of leadership and authority.
  • The color of the sailing ship have a meaning.
  • A captain is a person in command of a ship or crew.
  • One such dream is dreaming of water and ships.
  • One such dream is of a ship flipping over.
  • Building a ship symbolize different things.
  • Sinking ship: loss of control in life
  • The ship symbolize the church or the spiritual journey.
  • The captain of a ship is responsible for command and control.
  • A ship in the water a symbol of spiritual growth.
  • The speed and direction of the rocket ship significant.
  • The ship represents a journey or path in life.
  • A cruise ship is also a symbol of the future.
  • The ship represents the dreamer's life journey.
  • A large ship a symbol of emotional stability.
  • A sailing ship is often associated with travel.
  • A sinking ship a symbol of fear or uncertainty be.
  • A ship represents stability, security, and strength.
  • In Christianity, a ship represents the church and salvation.
  • A pirate ship is a symbol of adventure and freedom.

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