Zombie and Ghoul in Dreams

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Zombie and Ghoul in Dreams


A zombie is a dead person that has been brought back to life through supernatural means, usually through a voodoo ritual. To dream that you are a zombie indicates that you are feeling dead inside, perhaps stifled by your responsibilities or the lack of variety in your waking life. Perhaps you feel out of touch with the rest of the people around you.


A ghoul is someone who takes bodies from graves and sells them for dissection. It is also thought to be a creature that feeds on human bodies. Dreaming of a ghoul suggests that your negative ways are hindering your growth. Some dream interpreters think that dreaming of ghouls may indicate new beginnings and a desire to change your life so you can begin afresh.

Witch / Sorcerer / Wizard

Interpretation of Witches

In dreams, the appearance of a witch, sorcerer or wizard suggests the presence of a powerful archetype. In most dreams, witches represent destructive forces and repression. They may also suggest moodiness, dislike of wisdom, vindictiveness or jealousy. Some interpreters believe that witches reflect difficulties in relationship with our mother and, if the dreamer is a woman, she may become the ‘witch’ in relation to someone else. Since the early days of Christianity, witches have had a bad press; their association with the devil meant that dreams of witches have been linked with misfortune. Their original role, however, was as divine priestesses and bringers of wisdom and healing. You will need to consider your personal associations with witches and notice the feelings the dream triggers to fully interpret its meaning.

Magical Abilities

Magicians, wizards and sorcerers in dreams suggest magical abilities you possess but are not using to their fullest extent. If the magician is using black magic, this suggests negative or selfish ways in which you might use your power of wisdom. To dream of magic that turns out to be a trick produced by a conjurer, hypnotist or magician should be regarded as a warning that all is not as it seems in waking life. Try to find out who is deceiving you; the identity of the conjurer may give you a clue. If you are the conjurer, the dream may reflect some unease or anxiety about a current plan or negotiation in your waking life that rests on your skill and personality rather than on facts and common sense.

  • Dreaming of ghouls and ghosts has various meanings.
  • Active ghouls in your dream are a forecast of disappointment and vain hope.
  • If you did not join in the ghoulish activities, there is a slight possibility that you might be able to recover the situation.
  • Abandoning the ghoulish activities would be better for you.
  • An aspect of my character that allows other people to feed off my energy rather than contributing something more substantial for me.
  • If you have seen a ghoul in your dream: You may deal with land and real estate issues during the day, they may want to act contrary to your thoughts.
  • Seeing a ghoul in a dream indicates getting too caught up in events and believing in superstition, making mistakes and increasing fears
  • Seeing a ghoul in a dream means that you are tired of watching too many movies, stuffing your head with empty things and wasting your time and doing many regrettable things
  • Ghouls robbing graves: hopes are stolen from you; take them back.
  • It is also associated with dark elements like ghouls, goblins, and vampires, heightening the sense of fear surrounding mortality.
  • The real danger of zombies is their ability to transform their victims into zombies as well.
  • A graveyard is also home to all of the dark elements associated with death: ghouls, goblins, vampires, and other creatures of the night .
  • The zombie also represent a fear of death or the unknown, as zombies are often associated with the undead.
  • The zombies in dreams represent:
  • dreaming of zombies simply be a reflection of your interest in zombie-related media, such as movies or TV shows.
  • This might be expressed as being a zombie.
  • In some cultures, zombies are associated with:
  • A zombie, represents death or decay.
  • Zombies symbolize fear and threat.
  • Dreams about zombies are not uncommon.
  • Zombies are often symbolic of death.
  • Dreams about zombies and cats are both quite common, and dreaming of a zombie cat particularly strange and unsettling.
  • Zombie dreams refer to Indicate fear of loss, especially when the zombie kills the dreamer or attacks loved ones.
  • The underworld, which contains ghosts, ghouls, demons and inferior matters, has been pictured so often as frightening that it often appears in dreams as the abyss.
  • Zombies are often associated with death and decay.
  • Seeing zombies in a dream unsettling and disturbing.
  • Dreaming of a zombie self a disconcerting experience.
  • The zombie itself have a deeper meaning.
  • Fear of surviving in a zombie apocalypse is not unusual.
  • Zombies often represent the unknown or the unpredictable.
  • Zombies indicate your own behavior.
  • Zombies are a symbol of death and everything connected with it.
  • Zombies often represent danger and fear.
  • Zombies are often associated with death and decay.
  • Running from zombies in dreams reflect:
  • Running from zombies in dreams indicate:
  • Zombies symbolize death, fear, and decay.
  • Ghost and zombies are symbols of death or transition.
  • A zombie is often a symbol of death and decay.
  • Zombies are often associated with death and decay.
  • Zombies represent lifelessness, decay, and stagnation.
  • - zombies are associated with decay, death, and the undead.
  • Dreams about zombies scary and confusing.
  • Zombies often represent the collective subconscious.
  • dreaming of zombies a sign of fear or anxiety.
  • Zombies are often associated with death and decay.
  • Zombies represent feelings of powerlessness or helplessness.
  • Zombies represent a fear of death or dying.
  • Zombies are often associated with death and decay.
  • Zombies are often associated with death and decay.
  • Zombies are often associated with death and transformation.
  • Zombies represent mindlessness and lack of individuality.
  • In Haitian voodoo, zombies are believed to be created by the bokor , and dreaming about turning into a zombie might represent being manipulated by these individuals.
  • It is common to experience dreams of fighting and killing zombies, especially after watching a horror movie or playing a zombie video game.
  • In some cultures, zombies represent a disease that spread like wildfire, while in others, zombies are seen as a curse inflicted by witchcraft or voodoo.
  • - If you enjoy horror movies or video games that feature zombies, dreaming of fighting zombies simply reflect your interest in this genre.
  • In certain cultures, zombies represent death, decay or illness, and dreaming of zombies indicate a fear of death or a concern about one's health.
  • If you have dreams about being chased by zombies or about turning into a zombie yourself, it an indication of a problem in your waking life.
  • So, having a dream of zombies a product of your fascination with the horror genre or simply the result of watching a zombie movie before bed.
  • Zombies The walking dead are symbolic of the unsaved Eph.
  • Zombies are typically associated with fear, death, and the unknown.
  • Zombies are often seen as symbols of death and decay.
  • Dreaming of being bitten by a zombie a scary experience.
  • Dreaming of a zombie invasion a terrifying and disturbing experience.
  • It is very common to dream of zombies being pursued.
  • Zombies are often seen as a symbol of fear and the unknown.
  • Dreams about zombies very unsettling and disturbing.
  • A zombie in a dream indicate a feeling of threat or discomfort.
  • Zombies are a symbol of our deepest fears and anxieties.
  • In many cultures, zombies represent death and decay.
  • personality, zombie, apocalypse, survival instinct, threat
  • Dreaming of a zombie attack a terrifying and unsettling experience.
  • Zombie reflect fear of illness or life changes.
  • Zombies are often seen as symbols of fear and obstacles.
  • Zombies seen as a symbol of destruction, chaos and despair.
  • In different cultures, zombies symbolize different things.
  • Zombies are often associated with death, decay, and destruction.
  • Dreaming of lots of zombies a frightening and unsettling experience.
  • Dreaming of zombies and vampires a sign of fear and anxiety.
  • Dreaming of zombies eating you a frightening experience.
  • Zombies are often associated with death, decay, and the undead.

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