Mumps: Signs and Symptoms

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Mumps: Signs and Symptoms


To dream that you have the mumps suggests that you are unable to communicate your point across. Your voice is not being heard. Alternatively, it indicates pent up frustration and anger.

Dreams of the mumps denote negative, toxic thoughts taking over your belief system. You may be feeling so suppressed that your creativity has imploded.


Lack of verbalization; blockage in throat chakra, suppression. Storing up of frustrations, hurts, emotions.


Mentally painful condition caused from being stifled represent an inability to express emotional responses

  • If you have dreamed of having mumps in your dream: You should stick to the truth or learn the facts, There may be an acceleration in the flow of events related to a job that you could not afford.
  • To have mumps in a dream, this dream does not bode well and is a harbinger of bad events to be experienced
  • Seeing that one has mumps in a dream indicates bad words, health problems, and distress
  • According to the opinion of some dream scholars, having mumps in a dream indicates that the person will learn big secrets and have difficulty in carrying these secrets, and feel bad psychologically

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