Understanding the Concept of Zone Dreaming

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Understanding the Concept of Zone Dreaming

Sense of Boundary

A space with limited access over which someone or something has control. Situation where I can be definite about my personal boundaries so I can direct my attention to an area that interests me.

Interpretation of Different Zones

To experience being in a zone may relate to a war zone or a demilitarized zone. A place or an area with designated boundaries and points of protection. Dreams of being in the zone signify that you are resonating with your highest self, you are in your center, connecting with your source, and creating a powerful reference point of success, joy, and fulfillment for yourself.

Reflection of Achievement

Consider the type of zone portrayed. For example, a radioactive region might imply a situation that’s way too hot to approach right now. Conversely, approaching an end zone in your dream reflects the successful undertaking of a task, or a completion on the horizon. This dream could indicate one is involved in too much daily activity and needs to find a neutral place to recover a sense of physical or emotional equilibrium.

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