Driving Force

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Driving Force

Demanding Influence

If one is driven by a human being in a dream, it means that he is pushed into committing a murder or that he is hired to attack someone.

Submission and Vigilance

In a dream, a driving force signifies retaliation by something, or compliance and submission to someone together with vigilance and wonderment about what might happen next.

Humiliation and Suffering

If one is driven by a beast, a lion or a bird of prey in a dream, it means humiliation by a superior person, or suffering from a disease.

  • One’s driving force or interest.
  • Lifeblood refers to one’s driving force
  • A desire to join forces with others somehow is a driving force behind cooperating.
  • Indicates a strong attraction; a compelling force or drive.
  • It also represent speed, power, and driving force.
  • Car - one's personal driving force or ambition
  • To dream of a lion, signifies that a great force is driving you.
  • The horse often represents our driving forces and instincts.
  • The wind represents the force that drives the boat and the direction of the journey.
  • The horse itself a metaphor for your own driving forces.
  • Symbolizes the fact that spiritual aspects are the driving force in one’s life.
  • A feeling of lack may also be a driving force behind a request.
  • it symbolize an external force that is driving you towards your goals.
  • Similarly, the dreamer's ego the driving force behind their growth and development.
  • Desires are the driving forces that motivate us to achieve our goals.
  • The motor, for instance, represents the driving force behind our desire.
  • They indicate an inner force that drives you to achieve your goals.
  • Find harmony in your life by balancing the forces that drive you.
  • The crocodile often symbolizes the unconscious or hidden emotions and driving forces.
  • The crocodile often symbolizes the unconscious or hidden emotions and driving forces.
  • The in dreams is a common symbol of one's driving force or journey in life.
  • It represents a force that drives you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.
  • The car symbolize your progress or your personal driving force in life.
  • As a rule, the horse in the dream symbolizes our driving forces, instincts and strength.
  • In Hinduism, dreaming of losing brakes associated with one's ego as the driving force.
  • It a warning to reassess if you are still in touch with your passion and driving force.
  • It represent the flow of energy in the body and the life force that drives us forward.
  • The Sun symbolizes vitality and energy, which is the driving force for your life.
  • In Western societies, competition is generally viewed as a driving force of success and development.
  • The fact that it was a boy signify a masculine energy or force driving these new beginnings.
  • The is a metaphor for power, force, and motion, and it indicate your personal energy and drive.
  • The drive-by element represent a sense of being ambushed by evil or negative forces.
  • They represent the unconscious mind and the instinctual forces that drive our behavior and decisions.
  • Blood also symbolize the essence of life or the primal forces that drive us.
  • This man in the dream is a symbol of a force within you that drives you forward.
  • In both men and women's dreams, a battery may suggest libido or the driving force.
  • Animal nature in the process of transforming; baser instincts may be the driving force in the situation.
  • It symbolizes the archetype of primordial energy and the universal life force driving evolution and transformation.
  • Represent the possibility of driving a car or horses, like vital forces in your existence.
  • It time for a reality check and for the dreamer to realize that their ego should not be the driving force in their life.
  • The driving force behind the dreamer's life is the father who has passed away.
  • The horse in your dream signifies your driving force, energy, and physical strength.
  • It a sign that you need to be more aware of the unconscious forces that are driving your behavior.
  • A horse in a dream often be seen as a symbol of your personality or your driving forces.
  • It reminds us that there is a force that drives us and take us in new and exciting directions.
  • The hooded figure represent a powerful force, such as a desire, an impulse or an intuition, that is driving the dreamer.
  • A car generally represents the driving force that an individual has to move forward in life.
  • Yeast is a driving force that makes the dough rise and makes the bread airy and light.
  • Genitals in our dreams represent our life force and drive in our walking life.
  • Force that drives a person on ; craving and able to receive the teachings of God/searching for God’s Word .
  • For Jung’s contemporary, Alfred Adler, this aggressive power-drive was the most fundamental force in the psyche.
  • If you are pushed out of a car it suggests your drive or path ahead will be aborted by force.
  • The horse symbolizes your driving force or motivation, which leading you to great heights.
  • It mean that your faith is going to be the driving force to overcome any challenges in your life.
  • It point to a driving force that makes the dreaming do things that he would not normally do.
  • Similarly, if someone else was driving the car, it means that the obstacle come from outside forces.
  • In African cultures, fire is considered a protective and healing force that drive out evil spirits.
  • Blood itself represent energy, life, or vitality, and it is associated with the life force that drives us.
  • First of all, the image of the cats , which hunt mice, stand for a strong driving force.
  • Engines in dreams represent your life force or your drive to achieve your goals.
  • It represents a driving force within that motivates and inspires the dreamer to achieve his/her goals.
  • The bus driver represent your conscious mind or the driving force behind your decisions.
  • Seeing a hammer in your dream symbolize power, force, or a driving motivation to make changes.
  • Getting shot in a drive-by a sign of feeling threatened or victimized by outside forces in your life.
  • Christianity – In Christianity, a drive-by shooting dream shows the presence of evil forces, and you need to be prayerful and vigilant in warding off those forces.
  • Ability to use my personal drive and ambition to keep my career on track so I can become a driving force in my profession.
  • Whatever is the condition of the engine is the condition of your force and drive to get things done in your life.
  • The body's automatic functions and drives, such as breathing and aging; the mechanical forces of nature; habitual or mechanical behavior.
  • A hammer driving in a nail may be seen as a symbol of willpower, the forceful energy that directs the dreamer’s judgment.
  • The female soldier here represent a force or drive that helps the dreamer to accept their identity and achieve their goals.
  • Understanding the driving force behind the dream help provide clarity and direction in your waking life.
  • If you dreamed of a train engine, it represent your own Karmic journey and the driving force behind it.
  • the car represent your own ambition and drive, as if you are being propelled forward by an unseen force.
  • It represent the driving force in your life, your motivation and the direction you are taking in your life.
  • Dreaming of driving into a tornado signify that your actions have angered the divine forces or Mother Earth.
  • In Hinduism, it represents the concept of "karma," the driving force of life, which lead to new beginnings and growth.
  • Therefore, a maroon snake in a dream represent a powerful force or energy that is driving the dreamer to transform or heal.
  • Passion is a powerful force that drives individuals to pursue their goals, desires, and interests with energy, enthusiasm, and commitment.
  • It pertains to any type of “tool” or “building” aspect that serves as a driving force for one’s advancement or path progression.
  • Repressed anger and fear is the driving force of these dreams – bottling up these emotions might result in explosive anger.
  • Vintage car Ability to arrive at a successful outcome by having a clear understanding of the forces that drive my ambitions
  • The color red symbolize power and strength, and the flood represent the unstoppable force of your own drive and ambition.
  • It represent your inner life force, your drive to achieve your goals, or your anger and frustration.
  • The combination of both symbols suggests that there is a powerful force driving you to make significant changes in your life.
  • Trains are often used as symbols of journeys, with the train engine being the driving force that propels the train forward.
  • Try to identify the driving force behind your actions and seek to address them in a positive and constructive manner.
  • In Hinduism, air is associated with the god Vayu, who represents the life force that drives all living beings.
  • Dreaming of cassava flour represent a driving force or a strong motivation to achieve something that you desire passionately.
  • It represent the power of your own inner drive and ambition, or the power of an external force that is pushing you forward.
  • this dream indicate that you are currently experiencing a powerful force that is driving you towards a specific goal or direction.
  • The car represents your own personal drive or motivation, and the fire symbolizes a destructive force that threatens to destroy it.
  • Fire is believed to be the force that drives the cycle of life and death, and it is often associated with the transformative power of the goddess Kali.
  • Swimming in the ocean reflects your readiness to experience the vast potential of the subconscious forces that may drive your personality.
  • Cars in dreams often stand for our sense of self, our driving force or our journey through life.
  • Consider if material possessions and wealth are a driving force in your life and take steps to reframe your priorities if necessary.
  • The tree represent your own inner growth, while the snake represents the subconscious forces that are driving you in this direction.
  • if the dreamer sees a white truck moving or driving fast, it indicate influences or forces that are propelling the dreamer towards their goals.

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