Gems and Stones in Dream

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Gems and Stones in Dream

Each kind of gem vibrates at different rates and attracts different wave lengths which are passed on to the wearer. The ancients believed that gems which give off vibrations compatible with the wearer would transmit health and well-being; with antagonistic gems health would deteriorate. In those times opals were used to prevent blindness; emeralds to protect children against epileptic seizures; garnets prevented bad blood. Pope Clement VII in 1531 ran up a large debt by drinking powdered pearls and other precious stones. He recovered from a serious illness. The idea that pearls have medicinal qualities persists even today. Some believe in the therapeutic qualities of gems and stones for two reasons: that each stone has a color vibration, and that stones are minerals. Edgar Cayce cautions us, however, not to become a slave to any stone. As he reminds us, there are other forms of healing in nature, and we should take advantage of them all.

Sometimes gems may be present in a dream simply to designate something of value. If a specific gem is imaged and the dreamer cannot make any association with it or relate it to a personal experience, then the following properties of the various gems may be helpful. The same may be said of proper names that are the same as gems, for example, Beryl, Opal, Pearl, Jasper, Ruby.

AGATE • helps harden gums; believed by ancients to protect vision, banish fears.

AMBER • calms nerves; helpful for dysentery; aids any disease associated with a deficiency of vitamin C, such as liver and kidney ailments, diseases of throat, head, catarrh, goiter, asthma, hay fever. (The original source of amber is the pine tree, which is rich in vitamin C. Amber is not a mineral but a form of fossilized resin from pine trees.)

AMETHYST • a clear quartz ranging from purple to blue-violet. Warming to the body; expels poisons; antidote to drunkenness; brings peace of mind.

BERYL • usually green, but may be yellow, blue, or white. Alleviates complaints of the diaphragm and liver; cures laziness.

BLOODSTONE • massive quartz with small drops of jasper. Used for hemorrhages.

CARNELIAN • form of quartz; red. Prevents hemorrhages, nosebleed, purifies the blood.

CHRYSOLITE • usually olive green. Prevents fever and nightmares if set in gold.

CORAL • skeletons of tiny sea animals. Not a gem, but sometimes considered a semi-precious stone. Stops general bleeding, especially from wounds; helps digestive disorders and epilepsy in children. Brown, or dirty, discolored coral has a negative effect.

DIAMOND • pure carbon. Good medicine for all kinds of diseases, from toothache to insomnia, either by being worn or rubbed on the troublesome area, or by means of drinking water magnetized by diamonds.

EMERALD • clear green variety of beryl. Used as an antidote for poisons. Egyptians used emeralds for treatment of eye diseases. Egyptian women were known for their superior eyesight. The Romans believed that a helpful eyewash could be made by steeping them in water. Hippocrates used the emerald in his healing work.

GARNET • deep red is the most valuable stone. Heart stimulant.

JADE • Orientals consider it sacred. Protects against many diseases, accidents and witchcraft; helps urinary problems, and promotes long life with peaceful end; improves and strengthens the eyes.

JASPER • opaque quartz, usually green. Cures queasy stomach and soothes nervousness.

LAPIS • lapis lazuli ranges in color from deep blue to azure, violet-blue, or green-blue. A mixture of minerals, considered by early alchemists a stone that helps attune one to the higher spiritual vibrations. Edgar Cayce said that lapis lazuli should be encased in plastic or crystal or layers of glass before being worn around the neck or wrist because the radiation is too great. Used to treat eye troubles.

MOONSTONE • resembles the opal. Protection against dropsy and watery disturbances as well as cancer.

OPAL • stimulates the heart; strengthens weak eyes. Some believe it brings bad luck unless it is your birthstone (Libra). Edgar Cayce in one reading said that the opal for those not born in Libra can be helpful in controlling temper. The fire opal can provide vigor and purification, but carries great intensity.

PEARL • since they are formed within the shell of a mollusk, usually an oyster, they represent perfection through irritation. The Cayce readings say that those who wear pearls, like those who wear diamonds, will be either soothed or irritated. Said to soften violence and anger. Lustreless pearls are considered unfortunate.

RUBY • Hindus consider it the most valuable of all gems, and it is supposed to be worn on the left side of the body. Aids diseases connected with cold; influences general body health. In India rubies are taped to the forehead to influence thinking, or placed under the pillow, to induce pleasant, peaceful dreams.

SAPPHIRE • violet. Good for eyes and boils; guards against evil thoughts.

SARDONYX • clear red, brownish red, black. Encourages happiness and good fortune and banishes grief.

TOPAZ • helps weakness of vision and hemorrhages and bleeding of wounds; allays fear of death.

TURQUOISE • symbol of youth; prevents a violent death.

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