Sexual Dreams

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In a dream sexual intercourse (union of a male and female) often symbolizes an inner union of the male/female principles, intellect/intuition, wisdom/love, mind/emotion. It could also indicate the desire or need to integrate the masculine qualities (logic, aggression, assertiveness, ambition, etc.) with the female qualities (nurturing, caring, gentleness, sympathy, etc.), to achieve a balance of the male/female qualities. If the partner is known to the dreamer, it may mean to integrate the views, values, or salient characteristics of that person. The sex act in a dream may be a wish fulfillment, or a continuance of an evening's activities. To a sexually inactive person who previously has been sexually active, it may be compensatory. A dream of a promiscuous sex life may relate to a cheapening of self (as in "free love"). In another sense the dream may be saying that the dreamer is capable of greater creative achievements than he or she is displaying: she's "selling herself short."

A dream of committing adultery may be a symbolic comment about the dreamer's misuse of the Creative Force, of trying to unite the true with the false, or turning away from Divine law to a union with the flesh. However, just because the sex-partner is known to the dreamer as a married person, the dream does not necessarily fit the adultery dream category. An adultery dream will probably elicit feelings of guilt or uneasiness upon awakening.

A perfect manifestation of anything is brought about only by a union of opposites—positive (active, male) and negative (receptive, female). Therefore, homosexuality in a dream could signify a nonproductive situation or relationship. Also, a homosexual theme may be calling attention to aggressive behavior toward someone of the same sex, or suggesting that the dreamer integrate more of the male/female attributes.

A dream of incest may be indicating a misuse of the Creative Force in a way so objectionable that it is prohibited by law (the Law). If the partner is a parent, the dreamer may be trying in conscious life to integrate in a totally unacceptable way the dominant, authoritative side of self. If it is a sibling, the incestuous act could represent an aspect or quality that the dreamer is strongly attached to and needs to break away from. Don't overlook the emotions involved. What feelings were experienced upon awakening? Occasionally, incestuous activities in dreams may be an aid in resolving childhood sexual feelings toward the parent of the opposite sex, which left unresolved could become a source of emotional disorder.

Some dreams may use masturbation to represent self-gratification of the baser instincts (not necessarily sexual), instead of adhering to the nobler aspirations. It could also be portraying an individual who is too self-centered and needs more interaction with others.

Anything involving the mouth frequently has to do with speech and self-expression. Therefore, oral sex depicted in a dream may represent the expression of oneself in a deceitful way (a braggart, cheat, liar, etc.); or perhaps the dreamer is using a gift of oratory in a false (unnatural) way—inciting riots, making slanderous statements, bearing false witness, etc.

Symbolically, rape represents the emotional, passive, receptive nature (female) being violated by uncontrolled, hostile, aggressive urges (male). It could be a warning that the dreamer is involved in something that is destructive to the more sensitive side of self. A milder form of a rape-dream may simply represent an unwanted activity being forced on the dreamer.

Just as sexual dreams frequently symbolize non-sexual activities, so, too, the sexual urge may be represented in a dream in a number of different ways apparently having nothing to do with sex: for example, a key in a lock, speeding in a long sleek automobile, a soaring eagle, enjoying a sumptuous meal, a pencil in a sharpener (or any pointed object inserted in an opening), horse and carriage, the trunk of an elephant. As in all dreams other images, surroundings, and feelings will help decipher the true meaning.

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