Understanding the Symbolism of Steering in Dreaming

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Understanding the Symbolism of Steering in Dreaming

Personal Guidance and Responsibility:

The way you “steer” yourself through your life or “steered” yourself through a particular process in the past can symbolize decisions, management, or authority. Your responsibility for guiding and managing yourself in the context of your life is highlighted in this symbolism. One is in control of one’s life.

Symbolism of Steering in Different Situations:

  • Steering to stay on the road can represent a feeling of being or staying “on track” in your life.
  • Steering to turn a corner can represent deciding to make a change or go in a new direction in your life.
  • Steering a vehicle that contains passengers can represent a feeling of responsibility for those people in real life, or for their experience in a particular situation.
  • Losing control of steering can represent a feeling or fear of neglecting responsibility, losing control, or letting things get out of control.

References to Biblical Perspectives:

The controlling guide over a progressing situation can be understood in the context of control mentioned in James 3:4.

See also: Driving; Leader; Vehicle; Riding; Road.

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