Insects in Dream

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Insects in Dream

Insects in a dream will often represent irritations, something that bothers or "bugs" the dreamer. They often symbolize self-reproach or the "pangs of conscience," which also "pricks." "Pests" is one of our favorite names for insects. They annoy us, bite us, infect us with diseases. They attack our crops, invade our homes, eat our food, and damage our property. When a specific kind of insect is present in a dream, think about these characteristics and how they can relate to a present experience or condition, mental or physical.

Consider, too, the type of insect. If it is a stinging variety, pay attention to the nature of the sting: some are merely annoying, some are deadly. If it is a chewing insect, such as a grasshopper or termite, are we "chewing out" ourselves or others? Or are we "chewing" (ruminating) on something constructive? Flying insects are of the air (mind) and may represent negative thoughts. Since crawling insects are of the ground, or earth (body), maybe they are related to physical problems or the earthy, material aspects. Regardless of the variety, it may be comforting to remember that most insects have a very short life span.


Annoying problems; success in a project (ants are known for their organization and work capabilities); foresight (they store up supplies for the winter). "Ants in your pants" (restless); "antsy" (anxious).


Hard work and its enjoyment (honey); constructive labor; wisdom, for as the bee extracts pollen from the flowers, so may we extract wisdom from the experiences of daily life. Bee stings—unpleasant experiences of life; bumblebee—"bumbling" things; honey bee—"honey of a bee" (predigested food). "The birds and the bees"; "a bee in your bonnet."


Irritations; scarab—sacred beetle of Egypt, symbolizing immortality of the soul.


The unfolded, enlightened soul emerging from the confines of the baser nature; immortality; pleasure. "Butterflies, like love, go wherever they please and please wherever they go"; "butterflies in the stomach."


Destruction or disintegration; under this lowly, creeping, earthly aspect is concealed the beautiful butterfly-form.


Irritations hard to get rid of; carrier of disease.


Annoyance; carrier of disease. "A fly in the ointment."


A disturbed nervous system.


Annoyances that may be destructive to growth.


Unpleasant experiences. "Don't stir up a hornet's nest"; "mad as a hornet."


Uncleanliness of body, mind, spirit.


Secret wisdom, because they are hard to discover and are concealed by the darkness (ignorance); the dark, sinister aspect of the psyche; may be saying draw to the light, as the moth is drawn to the light. "Moth-eaten" (worn-out).


Eighth sign of the Zodiac. Sometimes represents the "stinging" aftermath of an unfortunate experience: a warning that some activity is inflicting injury only on self; backbiting (a scorpion will sometimes sting itself with its own tail); selfishness. "Sting of death."


Since the spider distinguishes itself by the web it builds to trap other insects; it usually symbolizes a web or trap into which the dreamer is falling. This may be a recent indiscretion, a coming temptation, a bad habit, or a warning regarding a bad business venture. Some consider the spider as the feminine figure whose affection is devouring. Black widow—devouring female; poisonous. "Caught in the web" (hopelessness).


Annoyances or irritations that may be destructive to the foundations.


Destruction or disintegration. When they appear in food, look for a warning against that particular food, or the diet in general. Inchworm—possible reference to something that needs to be taken in small doses. A "worm" (a contemptible person); "worming your way out"; "squirming like a worm"; the "worm of conscience" (something that gnaws at one inwardly); "worm's-eye view"; "the worm will turn."

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