Understanding Zodiac Dreams

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Understanding Zodiac Dreams

Zodiac Symbolism in Dreams

Everyone has a fascination for horoscopes, without necessarily understanding the significance of the zodiac wheel. It is often only when we begin the journey of self-discovery that images and symbols from the zodiac will appear in dreams. The zodiac wheel is symbolic of our relationship with the universe. Sometimes the signs of the zodiac are used in dreams to demonstrate time or time passing and suggest courses of action we might take.

Zodiac Signs and Their Meanings

  • Aries: Symbol - Ram, Head, Colour - Red, Gemstones - Amethyst and Diamond.
  • Taurus: Symbol - Bull, Throat, Colours - Blue and Pink, Gemstones - Moss Agate and Emerald.
  • Gemini: Symbol - Twins, Shoulders/Arms/Hands, Colour - Yellow, Gemstones - Agate and Beryl.
  • Cancer: Symbol - Crab, Stomach/Digestive Organs, Colours - Violet or Emerald Green, Gemstones - Moonstones and Pearls.
  • Leo: Symbol - Lion, Heart/Lungs/Liver, Colours - Gold and Orange, Gemstones - Topaz and Tourmaline.
  • Virgo: Symbol - Virgin, Abdomen/Intestines, Colours - Grey and Navy Blue, Gemstones - Pink Jasper and Jade.
  • Libra: Symbol - Scales, Lumbar Region/Kidneys/Skin, Colours - Blue and Violet, Gemstones - Opal and Lapis Lazuli.
  • Scorpio: Symbol - Scorpion, Genitals, Colours - Deep Red and Purple, Gemstones - Turquoise and Ruby.
  • Sagittarius: Symbol - Archer, Hips/Thighs/Nervous System, Colours - Light Blue and Orange, Gemstones - Carbuncle and Amethyst.
  • Capricorn: Symbol - Goat, Knees, Colours - Violet and Green, Gemstones - Jet and Black Onyx.
  • Aquarius: Symbol - Water-Bearer, Circulation/Ankles, Colour - Electric Blue, Gemstones - Garnet and Zircon.
  • Pisces: Symbol - Fishes, Feet/Toes, Colour - Sea-Green and Mauve, Gemstones - Coral and Chrysolite.

The zodiac is a system of archetypes that describe the human experience as a function of twelve different styles or sensibilities. If you dream about any aspect of the zodiac, you are being invited to consider archetypal thinking.

Astrology and Zodiac Dreams

While not everyone believes in the validity of astrology, these archetypes are embedded in the collective consciousness of the Western world. The way we deal with zodiac images in dreams gives insight into how we truly feel about ourselves. Dreaming about the zodiac invites us to explore archetypal thinking.

See Astrology.

Dreaming of Zodiac Signs and Their Meanings

Zodiac Signs and Their Common Interpretations

To dream of the zodiac as a whole shows a great interest in your fellow humans; an inquiring and active mind.To dream of any particular sign, you must consider the general astrological meanings.

  • Aries: Leader; pioneer. Sometimes impatient and overly ambitious.
  • Taurus: Hard worker. Great strength (and proud of it); perseverance.
  • Gemini: Adaptable. Knows a little about a lot of things. Gift for languages.
  • Cancer: Extremely sensitive. Home-lover. Follower of tradition.
  • Leo: Extrovert. Sense of the dramatic. Great lover.
  • Virgo: Conservative. Critical; analytical. Best of planners or organizers. Intellectual.
  • Libra: Has intuition and foresight. Peace-loving, with great sense of justice.
  • Scorpio: Has tenacity and determination. Great self-control but too fine an opinion of self. Can be jealous and demanding.
  • Sagittarius: Knows no fear. Kind and gentle, yet outspoken and direct.
  • Capricorn: Ambitious; materialistic. Fear of inadequacy. Can be greatly depressed or incredibly happy.
  • Aquarius: The planner; always looking ahead. Independent. Honest and kind, but difficult to understand.
  • Pisces: Sensitive; noble. Can be vague and overly optimistic. Excellent diplomat.

Psychological and Symbolic Meanings

The signs of the Zodiac are associated with certain symbols. If you dream of these symbols, there may be an allusion to people of that Sun-sign or to the characteristics of the sign.

Prognostications and Interpretations

To dream of the zodiac is a prognostication of unparalleled rise in material worth, but also indicates alloyed peace and happiness. If you approach it or it approaches you, success in your speculations is foretold. Drawing a map of the zodiac signifies future gain.

Studying the zodiac in your dreams will result in gain and favor by your intercourse with strangers. Dominating the zodiac heralds a social and occupational rise without precedent in life.

Hidden Information and Symbolism

Hidden information often comes to us through dreams. Using the correspondences we can harness the energy of the zodiac in everyday life with its colors and gemstones.

Significance of Lucky Numbers

  • 08-17-25-49-50-53 - lucky numbers
  • Of any sign - will have a big fortune in the future.
  • Children’s sign - will be greatly loved by the children.
  • Family’s sign - riches.
  • Own sign - will win a lottery.
  • Relative’s sign - will have arguments with relatives.

Understanding Zodiac Dreams

Zodiac Symbolism in Dreams

Everyone has a fascination for horoscopes, without necessarily understanding the significance of the zodiac wheel. It is often only when we begin the journey of self-discovery that images and symbols from the zodiac will appear in dreams. The way we deal with that image will give us insight into how we really feel about ourselves.

Where an animal or figure of one’s birth sign—such as a lion in a Leo’s, bull in Taurean’s, twins in Geminian’s dream—appears, this frequently represents the dreamer’s basic personality traits. Often it depicts the natural urges the personality meets in itself, but which may not be expressed. How one deals with the animal or figure shows one’s relationship with what is felt to be one’s basic self and potential.

The zodiac wheel is symbolic of our relationship with the universe. Sometimes the signs of the zodiac are used in dreams to demonstrate time or time passing, and also suggest courses of action we might take. Each sign also rules (has responsibility for) a particular part of the physical body, and any imbalance is reflected in dreams through the symbolism of the zodiac.

This spherical symbol of the astrological signs that bear the names of the constellations could be an indication that one’s subconscious is guiding one to investigate astrology, or to have a chart cast by an astrologer—especially if this dream occurs around one’s birthday. Alternatively, it could also represent a sense of feeling fated or even fatalistic.

Interpreting Zodiac Dreams

  • If you dream of studying the Zodiac it indicates you will distinguish yourself in business and popularity.
  • If the Zodiac reads in an odd manner, it denotes some unpleasant event is hovering around you, and you need to be ready to dispel it.
  • Dreaming of the Zodiac augurs an uncommon rise in material wealth and position in a short time.
  • If you map out the Zodiac, you will have good fortune in your future.
  • Dreaming of the signs of the zodiac may indicate specific people in your life or the timing of events.
  • Dreaming of the entire wheel of the zodiac can provide spiritual insight into your energetic vibration and current influences in your life.

There are many strange meanings associated with Zodiac dreams, such as foretelling storms, travel, positive thoughts from others, improved finances, and fame. Ultimately, the zodiac in dreams can be seen as commendations from the highest source.

Understanding Zodiac Signs in Dreams

Zodiac Signs as Symbols

To dream of the twelve signs of the zodiac shows a great traveler, and predicts a voyage around the world (Gypsy).

If you dream of one particular zodiac sign you should pay attention to its symbol and meaning and how it relates to you.

You are likely to have fame as well as financial success if you dreamed of seeing or studying the Zodiac.

This is a symbol of prosperity and economic and social success, following a great deal of effort and hard work.

Interpretations of Zodiac Signs in Dreams

  • Conscious being, self (attributes of given sign).
  • Very good luck, random (as in lottery win).

The Meaning of Zodiac Signs in Dreams

The following list includes zodiacal signs and their dream significances.

See listings for specific signs of the Zodiac.

Zodiac signs and order of the constellations were created and named by God to proclaim His work, not to be used for horoscope or false god worship.

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